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By complying with disclosure standards, you consent to give your subscribers a clear appreciation for and understanding of how you will use their email addresses or personal information. To see an overview of all requirements for the Disclosure standards category, click  here.

Below, find detailed a description of the clear, conspicuous disclosure standard.

Clear, Conspicuous DisclosureClear_Disclosure_Why

What is clear, conspicuous disclosure?

Clear and conspicuous disclosure is the act of telling people (who are about to sign up for your email) what type of email they will be receiving from you, how you got their email, and how their email and/or personal information will be used.

Why do I need to offer clear, conspicuous disclosure?

If users know what type of email they’ll receive, how you got their email, and how their email and/or personal information will be used, they will have a better experience with your mailing program, and be less likely to complain about your email. This, in turn, affects your mailing and brand reputation for the better.

And more, CA OPPA, and other laws regulating email require clear, conspicuous disclosure.

How do I offer clear, conspicuous disclosure?

At the point of collection, tell users (in plain, everyday language):

  • What type of commercial or promotional email they will get from you
  • Why their email address is being collected
  • How you will share or rent their email addresses and/or personal Information
  • Any consequences of sharing or renting their email addresses and/or personal information
  • If you have gotten their email address through a relationship with another list owner

Here are examples of email messages with acceptable and unacceptable communication about the fact that they are advertisements.

For more information about how to offer clear, conspicuous disclosure, click here.